Hello my name is Marcel van Hees. I am the president of the Dutch ARIS and Alfabet usergroup. I have been working at the Ministry of Defense of The Netherlands for the last 43 years. My career within the MOD started when I joined the armed forces as a non-commissioned officer in 1978. Later I changed career and became a civil servant with a focus in material logistics. During my study Business IT I changed my career again and since 1992 I have been working in the IT field and have participated in multiple IT projects. In 2004 The MOD started a business wide implementation of SAP. This triggered the need for process management and ARIS was selected to contribute to this program. From 2005 on I am supporting the MOD with the solutions offered by ARIS. Since 2014 the development of the Enterprise Architecture using the Archimate extension and in 2016 the IT Planning with the use of Alfabet and the use of PPM for process monitoring was added to the portfolio.

The main mission of the Dutch ARIS/Alfabet usergroup is to exchange knowledge and experiences between the participants and with the supplier Software AG.
As president I am determined to offer you possibilities to increase your value for your organization by adding knowledge through shared information delivered by other participants and influence Software AG development in realizing your requirements.