Hi, my name is Sylvia van Giersbergen. I am working as ARIS Functional Application Expert at the ING Bank in Amsterdam.

In January, 1990 I started my working career as secretary in the HR department with Heineken International in Amsterdam. After 3 years I moved to the Export Department. There I grew from secretary to Export Assistant. After 8 years I made the change to the Corporate IT Department where I came to work with Pieter Walraven.

Somewhere in 2009 he introduced ARIS to me and I was sold. I knew instantly that that the area was in which I wanted to develop myself. At first I started modelling my own processes. This work grew slowly in also doing functional maintenance on ARIS. For various projects I trained users in modelling in ARIS both in the Netherlands and abroad. In that period I also set up a key users group consisting of ARIS users from IT and the business. After a reorganization I ended up in the Enterprise Architect department. There I made a start with identifying the system landscape in ARIS and linking this to processes.

End 2017 I left Heineken and in July, 2018 I started with ING where I now can fully develop my functional skills. My main focus at this moment is the implementation of SAG’s out-of-the-box solution for GDPR, which is a combination of ARIS Connect, ARCM & ARIS Aware.

With the leaving of one of the board members of the AGNL I felt it was time for me to join the board of the AGNL. I think it is a great organisation. I have learned a lot by attending AGNL sessions as well as several IUG conferences. I have found out how networking through these groups can help you move forward.