Participation AGNL

Participation AGNL

The most important reason to participate in the AGNL is the possibility to exchange ideas and experiences with other members. All AGNL members can participate in AGNL activities.

AGNL has two different kind of members, companies with licences and advice partners. License members are those companies that use ARIS actively for collaboration around processes, managing transformations and addressing continuous improvement. Advise members are consulting companies that support these companies with the implementation of ARIS, and are partners of Software AG. AGNL promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between the users, Software AG and partners.

Membership advantages:

  • Have contact with peers: other customers and consulting companies
  • Participation (and/or have an active role) in focus groups, theme sessions and user group days;
  • Sharing experiences and best practices;
  • Reference visits;
  • Enhancement of knowledge of co-workers;
  • Influencing Software AG’s product development (roadmap) as user group;
  • Cooperation international: Get in touch with international user groups in other countries, as well as participate in the International User Groups Conference
  • 5% discount on ARIS training at Software AG

License membership costs 390,- euro annually per organisation

Partner membership costs 500,- euro annually per organisation

Individual membership costs 75,- euro per person

Register as organisation gives you the advantages that an unlimited amount of employees can use the membership.


Ending your membership

Do you want to end your membership? Please keep in mind that there is 2 months notice. Memberships are per calendar year. This means that you will have to notify the AGNL before November 1st.  Your membership will then be terminated as per January 1st of the following year. After this date your membership will be prolonged automatically.
Ending a membership has to be done by email. You will receive a confirmation that your membership ends as per the following year. AGNL will not provide restitutions.


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