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From ARIS to Enterprise Architecture to Alfabet

We want to invite you for our session on the 22nd of September at Unieplaza, Multatulilaan 2 in Culemborg. Presentations on this topic will be held by Ministry of Defense and Friesland Campina. The session will start at 13.00 pm.

For many years ARIS has been used by a lot of companies for modeling their Business processes. From that a natural maturity step was the development of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) with ARIS.

However, since a few years Software AG product portfolio also contains Alfabet. This product is positioned as one of the best products for supporting EA. The question now is, whether we will have to migrate to Alfabet. What are the pros and cons and which problems do we encounter?

Ministry of Defense
The last few years the Ministry of Defense has been modeling EA in ARIS within the Archimate Architecture. In 2015 they also purchased Alfabet. Last year was a discovery about the possibilities of Alfabet in relation with the developed EA models in ARIS, which decisions have to be taken and the way ahead. As a first project they have executed a Proof of Concept (POC) for Application Rationalization. 
The Ministry of Defense will present to you why they started this journey, give you an inside view on the steps they took and the difficulties they had to overcome and demonstrate the results of the POC in Alfabet. They will also point out why they think that the transformation of the EA from ARIS to Alfabet is not an easy execution. Finally, they will point out the lessons learned so far. 

Friesland Campina
Last year we decided to start a subgroup within the Architecture focus group: the Conventions group.
During the last Architecture focus group session Jaap Graveland presented the program and the approach. There will be three sessions, the first of which will be in August. An invitation to the members will be follow in due time.
On the 22th of September the results of desk research and the results of the meeting in August will be presented.

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